Choosing Worthiness

I’m selling my art.

Putting it out there.

Expanding WAY beyond my comfort zone.

Having a table at the local farmer’s market this Sunday.


So we went to check out the venue yesterday and immediately I was assaulted by a swarm of doubts and fears.

I was looking into the gaping maw of a massive unworthiness.

No one is going to buy my art.

What value does it add to the world?

These thoughts took up all the air in my brain.

I didn’t even recognize that they were just thoughts.

And as thoughts, I had the choice to give them attention or not.

Now from a different frame of mind, I can look to the part of me that is screaming in terror and inquire:

How are you trying to help me?

I want to keep you from feeling rejected, unwanted, unworthy.

Not selling any art doesn’t have to mean I’m rejected/unwanted/unworthy. I’m the one who makes it mean that.

What if the reason to show up at the farmer’s market is to demonstrate confidence, connection to people, and vulnerability?

What if worthiness is our natural state and our loving creations are just the medicine the world needs to wake up from the belief in unworthiness?

What if art is an invitation to others to connect to their own creative impulses and dive in?

These paintings have come from a deep opening to Source, as expressions of willingness and devotion, so I will trust that Source has placed this desire in my heart so I will honor that by offering them for others to feel their connection to Source.


What inner voice is holding you back?

Get quiet, put your hand on your heart and ask what it wants for you, how is it trying to help you, what is it protecting you from.

And then ask yourself what can open up when you turn that around and make your demon the deliverer that will elevate you to the one you choose to be in this circumstance?

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