Calling in

We see the images and memes of a person on top of a mountain with arms raised to the sky along with inspirational words.

Trite and overdone, yup.

But it works.

Think of a goal or quality you want to call in, invoke, infuse yourself with.

Stand with legs wide enough to make a solid, grounded base, and lift up your arms, your gaze, your heart.

Instant shift in state, right?

Now FEEL this web of life roiling and churning all around, inside and out.

Breathe yourself more porous and spacious.

Call in the attribute you want to embody.

Call in all the circumstances and people who will help evolve that intention.

Turn to face the 4 cardinal directions in your Call.

Feel what is calling you to rise up and claim your inheritance as Creator.

Feel who you are/will be in the achievement of your dream.

Feel what needs to be released on the way to that embodiment…fear? Unworthiness? Doubt?

And with arms outstretched, let your heart release and purge.

Feel what it’s like when your intention quickens the space around you.

And then honor it with gratitude.

What did you notice?

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