As our Essence we are infinite spacious Awareness.

Strip away the stories, the thoughts, the fluctuations of the mind, and there it is: Pure uncontracted Awareness.

Unhurried, easy, relaxed, undefended.

Open and allowing Everything.

But in the contraction and churn of thoughts and activities we can lose that perspective.

Noticing the contraction and then taking a pause to make a bigger space opens us up to the Power of Presence.

Feel the intention in your body:

I’m opening a bigger space for THIS.

A bigger life.

A bigger love.

A bigger, more generous heart.

I have a little glass jar at my desk and a bag of beautiful aqua glass beads.

During the day, I pause, take one of the beads and bring it to my heart.

I FEEL into the bigger space.

I let the intention shift me into the bigger life that calls me.

And then I drop the bead into the jar.

The clink of the glass creates a sound and the visual of accumulating beads become reinforcement to a new habit of pausing to make space.

I hadn’t even recognized that I didn’t believe in a visceral way, that I deserve a bigger life; that I can actually achieve the epic dream of full-time artist, coach, writer.

As much as I had been practicing managing my thoughts, I hadn’t looked to the space that my dream life needs in order to manifest.

Go inside and FEEL…how big is your life?

How big do you want it to be?

What do you notice when you let the intention for a bigger life, a bigger love, a bigger gratitude, a bigger flow of abundance, expand the space in and around you?

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