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The amazing Kara Loewentheil’s podcast on perfectionist fantasies blew my mind!

She talked about how her coaching clients could easily believe they could accomplish a massive goal in the future, but when she asked if they believed they could do the first steps along the way, they can’t.

They believe they can build a 100K business, but don’t believe they can make 8K this month.

They believe they could run a marathon in the future but don’t believe they could run 5k this week.

What a game changer!

Yes, I can feel the presence of the meta-me who is a confident, successful artist, coach and entrepreneur, but this week I’m balking at framing some art that will hang locally.

Teasing out the incremental steps along the path, putting them on the calendar, and working a confidence ladder to achieve them is the mechanism to actual accomplishment.

Putting “framing” on the calendar is too broad.

I need to lay out all the pieces I’m going to frame, write down their dimensions, buy the mattes and frames, cut the mattes and assemble the frames, and then hang the pieces.

All of my coaching resources emphasize the power of breaking down goals to their smallest steps and putting those steps on the calendar to build accountability and integrity.

And if individual steps trigger fear or resistance, we tease out the tangle of beliefs and habits that are blocking our actions.

This is the transformational power of coaching.

Mostly we just skim along the surface of our unexamined habits and wish things were different for us.

When we decide to live our most creative, alive, intentional life, we commit to slogging through all the suckage that is part of the journey.

We are willing to fail and recalibrate over and over without making the failures into quits.

It’s so hard to do that on our own when we don’t even see our blind spots and habituated filters.

Having a supportive, challenging coach will elevate our game through all the small steps to the big vision.

Thank you #BrookeCastillo, #LeahBadertscher, #MaryGilkerson, #KaraLoewentheil!

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