Being Love

“The only trick to experiencing the open and allowing nature of awareness is to look for it in the actual experience you are having. When your awareness is contracted by judgment or fear, it’s not actually touching the object of your judgment or fear. Instead, it is touching the judgmental or fearful thought you are having. Awareness is completely allowing and open to that thought.”

“This truth—that you are filled with love when you love, rather than when you are loved—can free you from the search for love outside yourself.”

Nirmala. Living from the Heart

He also talks about using our senses to love rather than filter what we like/don’t like; want/don’want.

So our eyes can stream loving awareness out from our hearts to whatever we are looking at.

Our ears can offer loving appreciation to whatever sounds are in our field.

Our touch can be a loving offering to whatever we are in contact with.

When we recognize our true nature as open, loving awareness, we become a radiant field of spacious interaction with all that is.

Once we notice how much energy is spent in filtering for threats to what we think we need, want, and believe, we realize how contracted our field is.

And in that recognition we have a choice.

We can pause and drop down from our heads into our embodied presence right here.

And we can feel the infinite spaciousness of Life.

And we can then feel our super power to love THIS and be filled with love.

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