At Ease

When we take a pause to intentionally release to willingness, all the energy of resistance, judgement, and self-recrimination melt away to reveal a spacious beauty; a poignancy so precious, we can taste the healing nectar of trust.

What if this life is being lived through us instead of by us?

What if we could relax and allow THIS.

Lay down our arguments and ambitions and just feel the cleansing release to Something ineffable, unconditionally loving, vbb and completely fulfilling.

Then we make space for what wants to be created through us.

Words spoken from Love through our open hearts;

Songs and dances and all manner of expressions that Source offers us through the portal of letting go.

When I strive to create art, I get contracted into judgements and wantings.

When I ask what wants to be created through me, I become an instrument of something magical, and I can honor it as gift and a blessing.

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