Are you having FUN?

“Are you having Fun”

I was hating on a drawing I was doing yesterday so I bagged it and started another.

Which I hated on even more.

And then a third one.

Again with the judging and hating.

Went to bed and looked at the last one the next morning and was asked by some sweet inner voice “are you having fun?”

Game changer.

NOPE was not having fun. Was totally in my head and hurling judgments all over what I was doing.

So I went back to that same drawing and kept asking if this is fun. How can I make it fun.

It lightened up and I lightened up and realized how fun as an intention honors Spirit.

It means I’m engaged and open and spending the time in joy and curiosity, fully awake to the present activity.

And then a new question: “are you honoring this process by giving it the time it wants?”

The habit of rushing and wondering how much time I have; I need to do this; I should go do that — dishonors the present.

I slowed down and the 2 questions came together: “are you honoring this process by having fun?”

And that became the mantra that finished the drawing.

What’s possible today when you ask how to make this fun?

What if even the most odious task is really about how you’re showing up; an invitation from Spirit to play with your state and see how powerful you are when you choose who you want to be right here right now.

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