I want to believe in Angels, spirit guides — Something that is listening to my request for guidance, and answers with love and clarity.

When I offer up a question or challenge, like writing this post, I would love a clear directive that is undeniably resourced from a greater perspective than my small understanding.

So I ask for words that help, that inspire, that will inform my day and help me stay aligned with the highest perspective and adds a bit of compassion and light to the world.

I notice that the asking starts in my head, somewhere behind my eyes and when it stays there, it starts to feel like whining. And there’s no answer.

And then I remember the Field experiment, a course I had taken years and years ago, inspired by quantum physics.

According to this teaching we have 3 ways of being:

Particle which is distinct and separate;

Wave — open, spacious, connected to nature and inspiration;

And Field — when we are so immersed in the moment that awareness of self as individual disappears and we are Present without narrative.

And we have agency over those states.

In remembering that, I open to Field awareness and let these words and the drawing come.

Maybe angels reveal themselves just so.

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