What if we really do have spirit guides?

How would they communicate?

All my life I’ve wanted the bolt of lightning and the big dramatic Appearance of a clear message.

THIS is what you are meant to do or be.

As I get quieter and more mature in my listening, I can feel its language is enigmatic and mysterious.

Softening into the space behind my heart and honoring Earth through the placement of my feet seems to set an antenna for a deeper reception.

Being willing to open to all that is showing up with curiosity and compassion softens the boundaries, so Mystery has greater access.

And honoring my past as the perfect expression of doing the best I could with who I was at the time, releases all the weight of regret, guilt, and shame.

Trying to find my way through the dark woods with only the mental flashlight of my limited beliefs gets me lost.

Navigating through opening to spacious awareness lets a greater perspective guide my steps.

See what shows up right here right now when you take a sacred pause to make space in your heart for the soft voice of love.

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