Acted Upon

“To live the creative life requires the willingness to be surprised, to follow the lead of the invisible and remain released in the restful state of alignment, to be willing to acted upon by forces we cannot see or anticipate.” – The Field Experiment “One Hundred Days”

Am I aligned — Grounded, Calm, Expanded to the awareness of the Great Mystery?

Asking this to my inner being creates the physiology of attunement.

And when I cast “willing to be surprised” out to my day, I feel a lighthearted delight — there’s Something “out there”, Something playful and powerful, Something that I remember as a child when I knew Everything is alive and sentient.

Where is Magic and Mystery in our culture?

Right here in the opening of an anxious heart, in the willingness to change the lens that filters the world.

Right here in any instant for the asking.

Bring on the angels, the devas, the small surprises that pull me out of my head and remind me this Life is soooo much more magical than my little beliefs have shown me.

Let me be acted upon by Love.

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