Changing thoughts

My coach Brooke Castillo has a model for addressing any issue (check it out at

She 100% insists that our thoughts create our emotions which drive our actions, which result in whatever life we are currently living.

The model says that whenever we are feeling something we don’t want to feel, or living a result we don’t want, we need to locate the thought (belief) that is driving that emotion.

Once that thought (belief) is identified, we decide how we want to feel and create the thought that will cultivate the desired emotion.

The power comes from creating the STATE that embodies that thought, so that it’s not just words in the head, but a Presence that magnetizes the field around us.

If we simply affirm thoughts in our heads that we don’t really believe, nothing is going to change.

It takes some investigating and really feeling in, to tune the thoughts up to something you fully believe and that create an elevated arousal in the body.

And what I find is the thoughts become stale in a day or 2.

It has to be honest and real and come from a deeper place than strategy.

We have to love it so our heart elevates and expands and gives us the motivation to rise up even when we’re exhausted or discouraged or obstructed.

Much of the time the thoughts try to convince us they are not just thoughts, but the actual situation, so it takes uncomfortable honesty to cut through to where we have the power to recognize how we are filtering circumstances from an unskillful belief habit.

Then we have the power to choose.

“I don’t have enough time to do x, y, z” feels really real until we take the deep enough pause to notice we could change that thought and our whole world would change.

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