Mindful eating [14 minutes]

Lots of people have the intention of losing weight which puts weight front and center of consciousness as a problem. It sets up a negative framework: I have something I want to get rid of and I have to deprive and constrain myself to get there.

Motivation is short lived because the brain is wired to seek pleasure and avoid anything that feels bad, which makes dieting a setup to battle what the primitive brain wants (with increasing urgency) and what the rational brain knows is a healthier choice.

A strategy that reduces the inner struggle between the short-term pleasure of eating indulgently, and long-term intention to be a healthier weight, can greatly increase the chance of success.

  1. Frame the intention (the words in your head) in the positive:

    1. I’m choosing a healthier relationship to food

    2. I’m eating mindfully and savoring every bite

    3. I’m releasing the stories I have about food and my body to uncover my deepest truth

    4. I’m choosing to be that version of me who is present and empowered

  2. Find the Presence of that version of you who is already eating mindfully with a body that is energized, inspired, and healthy

  3. Plan ahead for the cravings and urges that will gain intensity and justify caving in to old habits

  4. Create an inner reward — a feeling of triumph and elevation — that the brain will begin to crave more than the indulgence of food.

  5. Identify the systemic shifts that holding to your commitment will generate:

    1. Self-trust

    2. Integrity

    3. Authority over unskillful habits

    4. Confidence in being able to handle difficult feelings and staying committed

    5.  Pride in creating your best life

In this session we will access the already-realized version of self who has attained a healthy relationship with food, and empowered, healthy weight.

We will look from this imaginal viewpoint at how our life has changed and how we sustained our commitment through the challenges of changing habits.

We will feel the physiological alignment of being that elevated version of self, and practice how to shift into alignment any time.

When the goal shifts from losing weight to sustaining a state of empowered presence, it is instantly achievable and instantly rewarding to the brain.

Please ensure you have a safe, comfortable space where you can relax completely without distractions or interruptions.


Have your journal or sketchbook handy to record with words or images what your triumphant, empowered Presence feels like.

Mindful Eating - Linda Malcomb
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