Intention is the energy that powers growth and evolution.

It’s a gathering of focus toward a goal,  a vision of what’s possible.

"Many studies suggest that you can make your deepest self accessible just by spending a little time reflecting on—and perhaps writing about—who you think you are. The key to effective self-affirmation is that it is grounded in the truth. Your authentic best self—your boldest self—is not about psyching yourself up or saying, “I am the best at this task” or “I’m a winner.” Your boldest self emerges through the experience of having full access to your values, traits, and strengths and knowing that you can autonomously and sincerely express them through your actions and interactions.

  • What three words best describe you as an individual?

  • What is unique about you that leads to your happiest times and best performance?

  • Reflect on a specific time—at work or at home—when you were acting in a way that felt “natural” and “right.” How can you repeat that behavior today?

  • What are your signature strengths and how can you use them?"

Cuddy, Amy. Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges (p. 51).


In order to create deep and lasting change, intention needs to be embodied — become the posture, the breath, the inner Presence — of the Being who is already changed.

Our habits of thinking, speaking, and acting, land in our physical body as our unique posture, facial expression, and way of moving. 

So working through the body to create new patterns of empowerment and inspiration will, after they become habituated, create a new Being. We get to choose this. Over and over. No matter how many times we falter and fail. We can remember to breathe into a new Presence and watch the lens that filters our world shift to a new vision.

This session will explore where and how intention lives in your body and how to access and cultivate it.

Have a journal handy and write an intention that would result in a change you want to make.

Add a bit of a twist and write your intention from the version of yourself who is already living it.

For example: “I have a relaxed, mindful, and grateful relationship with food and I feel healthy and energized at my ideal weight.” 

Make sure you are in a comfortable place where you feel safe and will not be distracted or disturbed so you can immerse yourself in this process.

Intention - Linda Malcomb
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