[10.5 minutes]

How do we find true guidance?

Knowing what to do, when and how to do it can be elusive.

Knowing what we want but not how to get there can be frustrating.

And even if we know what we want, how to make it happen, how do we navigate the small obstacles and challenges that will inevitably arise on our path; the little daily tactical decisions that support the overall strategy?

This session will explore the connection to a deeper way of asking for guidance and the physiological alignment that will attune the bodymind to your inner compass.

Please make sure you will not be distracted or interrupted during this process so your mind can settle into the inquiry without monitoring the outer world.

Write down a question or issue you would like guidance for. Sit with it and breathe the question into your body so you feel a sense of energetic attunement. Tweak your words if there’s no charge to them, so that you will be more magnetized toward insight.

Pause the audio if you need more time. Don’t rush this. Let it be important enough to slow down and give it the time it wants.

Guidance - Linda Malcomb
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