Slowing and KNOWING

This 13.5 minute guided meditation will explore embodied Knowing, the way to remember true guidance.

Stillness is our portal to true knowing.

Embodied connection to the quiet Presence under the surface layer of stories and strategies gives us access to the deepest Knowing that guides our actions and expressions in the most auspicious way.

The world is loud and fast.

We have not been trained or supported in getting quiet and going inside for our Knowing.

The brain and neurochemical composition of our physiology is habituated to overstimulation and feeling rushed and pressured to keep up.

This meditation will explore the process of slowing and deepening and coming home to a recognition of Knowing inside.

Have a journal or sketchpad handy so you can concretize your experience with a physical expression which will help recall the state from which it was created.

Take whatever measures you need to ensure you feel safe and will not be distracted or interrupted.

Embodied Knowing - Linda Malcomb
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