About me


As a little girl, I was sensitive to the aliveness in every thing; even rocks and air, and as I began to try to assimilate into the interests of my peers, I found myself floundering and confused, unable to attune to whatever was making them tick and clique, and it felt like I was missing some important piece of what happiness and fulfillment are.

So began a spiritual quest to find something that felt connected, joyful, and True in a way that I am still discovering. Through countless books, programs, workshops and therapists I was always seeking the Way to be happy from the inside, deep and real, independent of circumstances.

And through it all I painted and drew and crafted, looking for Beauty and Connection to something that was bigger than the stinging voices in my head.

I started doing yoga in my 20s and through it, found a portal to an inner realm of energetic forms and movements that began to inform my painting. I put on beautiful music, lit incense, and asked the blank canvas to dance with me. And it did. In color, stroke, emotion and energy, forms began to birth themselves and I felt like I was in the presence of something for which I had no language. Something that gave me a profound joy and awe of the mystery of living in this unfathomable world.

I have been a yoga teacher since 1999, and I am in continued amazement and gratitude for how the two art forms inform and enhance each other as my awareness deepens and I become more available to an unconditional openness to whatever wants to be painted. And in 2015, I trained as a life coach and learned that I have the choice, the agency to manage my state, and now I have the tools to calibrate to a higher resonance, which I hope translates through paint onto the canvas.

I'm sharing my discoveries, struggles, and insights in hopes that they may offer some support and direction for others struggling to navigate this unfathomable journey of life.